Spend 2 days and 1 night in Yanbaru’s "Village of Longevity" Ogimi (Activities Included)

(*Please make a reservation at least 40 days prior to the experience.)
Ogimi Village is a place where people who are healthy and lively, laugh, sing and dance with the feeling of being active for all their lives. The villagers love to share happy and fun experiences together. The climate of mutual support (Yuimaru spirit) and a healthy food culture is strong here. Enjoy this tour where you can choose how to enjoy the life of the village where the nature, history and culture of Ogimi Village are woven into activities including cycling, canoeing, trekking, BBQ with local grandparents, camping, and private lodging. 

Tour Highlights

Discover Stories Only Known By Locals
Discover Stories Only Known By Locals
Cycle leisurely through the village with our local guide. Enjoy visiting spots special to the land to hearing stories known only by locals. If you're lucky, you might get to interact with other people living in the area.
Relaxed chatting time in the evening
Relaxed chatting time in the evening
Barbecue using local ingredients while watching the sun set over the sea. Listen to the sound of the sanshin and watch the bonfire, sing and dance together, and spend a night that can only be enjoyed here. Learn about the stars of Yanbaru! Discover the charm of the stars while using an astronomical telescope.
Yanbaru Nature Introduction
Yanbaru Nature Introduction
Ogimi Village is full of nature activities. Enjoy the nature of Yanbaru by canoeing around Miyagi Island or trekking through jungle-like subtropical forests and rivers!


Guided E-Bike Tour + Yanbaru Starry Night Observation
Alternating current
Have fun with a local woman with sanshin and kachashi
For dinner on the first day, we will prepare a BBQ of local ingredients. - Rice is served in a rice bowl. You will also be served nakami* soup. - Prepare your own breakfast on the second day.
"Select camping or lodging with local residents.” ・For camping, WC is a public hall facility facility specification (shower use is at a nearby elementary school, 5 minutes by car)

(※1)Nakami refers to pig's internal organs, or offal, and "nakami soup" is offal soup!


1st Day/13:00〜23:00(Meet at Miyagi Community Center Square and Shioya Bay)

13:00 "Meet at Shioya/Miyagi Community Center Plaza (self-introduction/general staff explanation) ・Prepare for camping with everyone (set up tents, etc.)"
14:00 Staff Guided Village Tour by E-Bike (choose from Kijoka Village or Shioya Village)
17:00 Return to Miyagi Community Center Square! ~free time~
18:00 "BBQ and dinner preparations start! ・BBQ dinner while watching the sunset ・Cultural exchange with local women (sanshin, kachashi, etc.) ・Yanbaru starry sky night (A starry sky sommelier who knows all about the stars of Yanbaru will show you the charm of the stars using an astronomical telescope.)"
23:00 Get ready for bed!

2nd Day/9:00〜11:00(Miyagi Community Center Square)

8:30 "Wake up (each person prepares breakfast) ・Clean up camping equipment"
10:00 Everyone cooperates in beach cleaning (SDGs) in front of Miyagi Community Center!
11:00 Finish! (Thank you for your hard work!)

※If you would like to experience various activities from the afternoon, please consult the staff and enjoy sightseeing in Ogimi!

Tour Details

*This is an example and is subject to change depending on the situation.

2 people / 85,000 yen (tax included) * 42,500 yen per person (tax included)+English translator fee
3 people / 108,000 yen (tax included) * 36,000 yen per person (tax included)+English translator fee
4 people / 132,000 yen (tax included) * 33,000 yen per person (tax included)+English translator fee
5 people / 157,000 yen (tax included) * 31,400 yen per person (tax included)+English translator fee
Operating Season
February to November *Excluding December and January
Group Size
"2 to 5 people *There are up to 5 sets of tents for 5 people (up to 25 people) *Minpaku(homestaying) can accommodate up to 20 people."
"Cycling, additional options (Canoeing around Miyagi Island, Ta Waterfall Trekking) *Additional options for canoeing and trekking are optional. * EV cycling can also be selected"
Meeting Point
"Venue: Roadside Station Ogimi Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center Address: 95 Tsunami, Ogimi Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture"
Camping or lodging fee(optional), a cycling experience fee, breakfast (lodging only)
Not Included
Transportation expenses to the meeting place (air ticket, rental car, bus, etc.), English translator, Commission fee, drinks (alcohol, etc.)
We recommend that you bring exercise clothes and shoes that are easy to move in and can get wet, and a change of clothes.
What to bring
Drinks, towels, toiletries, sandals
Cancellation policy
100% on the day
80% the day before
2-3 days before 50%