Ogimi Village: Gateway to the Yanbaru Area

Ogimi Village:
Gateway to the Yanbaru Area

Ogimi Village located in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture
The northern part of the main island of Okinawa, where nature remains strongly, is called Yanbaru and Ogimi Village is located within it. Various precious creatures live in the forest of Yanbaru.
It is nurtured by nature, and is a place where people and culture coexist.

Yanbaru Local Life Experience Plan

One Night
Two Days

Enjoy the nature that nurtures longevity, history, people and life.

Experience all that Ogimi village has to offer through cycling, camping, private lodging, and other activities. With these activities, you'll have the chance to interact with local grandparents, and enjoy the nature, climate, and history that have nurtured longevity.

Spend 2 days and 1 night in Yanbaru’s
"Village of Longevity" Ogimi (Activities Included)

2 people / 55,000 yen (tax included) ~
*27,500 yen (tax included) per person

Overnight Plan Details

"Ogimi Village is a place where people who are healthy and lively, laugh, sing and dance with the feeling of being active for all their lives. The villagers love to share happy and fun experiences together. The climate of mutual support (Yuimaru spirit) and a healthy food culture is strong here. Enjoy this tour where you can choose how to enjoy the life of the village where the nature, history and culture of Ogimi Village are woven into activities including cycling, canoeing, trekking, BBQ with local grandparents, camping, and private lodging."

Enjoy Ogimi Village! Short Experience Plan

2 hours -

"Short on time?
Special Plan for guests with time restraints "

This is the perfect plan for guests who want to enjoy the charms of Ogimi, but are short on time. You can still enjoy what the village has to offer with more condensed tours.

Introduction of Our Guides

Inafuku Rin
Inafuku Rin
A tomboy from the Kijoka village, known for her basho cloth, and affectionately nicknamed Rin-chan. Her hobbies are drawing illustrations and playing games. She will guide you with her original guide tools that use our special paintings. Get drawn into the regional charms of the village that you can only discover through the eyes of a local.
Sotozono Ayumu
Sotozono Ayumu
A former member of the Self-Defense Forces who moved to Ogimi when he was in elementary school. A big fan of fishing, he spends his time looking out at the ocean and rivers almost every day. He coordinates safe and adventerous tours by using great physical strength. Enjoy a tour of the stunning mountains, rivers, and the sea, and villages of Ogimi.